To Samantha [iconiacl0ve],

I’m crying, seriously. And you can choose not to believe anything I’ve told you, or have to say, but it’s all the truth….You have inspired me, and even made me feel the urge to write like 2 pages of a plan for a possible book. Do you know how amazing that is for me?? I NEVER get anything like that done…and it’s all because of you…amazing, beautiful, perfect, strong, inspiring, awesome, cool, gorgeous, talented, fantastic, grand, great, lovable you. I would be soo heartbroken if you killed yourself, or set any kind of physical harm to your beautiful body that could potentially be life-threatening. 

You are one-of-a-kind. You’re meant to be here. You are amazing, and it’s making me cry right now, thinking of you in such awful pain that you would feel the need to end your life. Your life, that has so many things in it, in the future. AMAZING things, because that’s all you deserve. If you feel that bad, and terrible, come to my askbox. I wanna make you feel beautiful, because you deserve to feel just the way you are. 

Please, please, don’t hurt all of us by making yourself feel better for a little while, until you can’t take it back.

PLEASE, just don’t </3


9 notes #this is what i wrote in her ask and she didn't publish it but i wanted you all to see it #iconiacl0ve #don't commit suicide #i'm crying because i love her to death
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